New beginnings

As I’ve worked on my projects for the last few months I begin to think of how I decided to go back to the beginning of my education as an artist. Being retired has afforded me the opportunity to really study texts from artists that I’ve admired all my life. These are books and notes that I’ve had since the late 60s on anatomy, color, portraiture, theory, technique etc. One book I have is a first edition on art education from 1908 and another one by Kimon Nicolaides, copyright 1941 on drawing, a 1925 first edition on John Singer Sargent his life and work, plus my Andrew Loomis and Burne Hogarth books from 1970. Lessons from the past. Invaluable. Now I understand. No excuses. As the great Bruce Lee mentioned about emptying your cup, I’ve emptied my cup of what I thought I knew. Realized a lot of things I’d either overlooked or plain ignored as being too old fashioned or a waste of time(ego). Saw a lot of things that were time wasters in terms of technique. As one teacher put it “look/see, analyze, execute”. Anyhow it’s time to get deadly serious because the clock is ticking. Honestly I wish I could just go away alone for a while just to focus on my craft. A year maybe. Well anyhow it’s time to get back to work.

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